Planting the Programming Seed

Resources to introduce Programming to Children…


I have looked around the web to gather resources for introducing programming to my two young nephews, in a fun and gentle manner. Today’s world increasingly relies on software, and this is an effort to help them gain practical knowledge and understanding that will serve them well in the future.

Why Clojure(Script)?

I have been using Clojure since 2009, after I was introduced to it in a presentation by Stuart Halloway, at NFJS. I found Clojure to be the most impressive, powerfule, and simple language I had used yet. Some years later, Clojure was brought to Web and the Javascript echo system through Clojurescript. I strongly believe that Clojure(Script) is a no nonsense and terse language in the family of Lisp languages, which should be easier to grasp for young children.

Clojurescript, REPL, Web Browser, Zero Setup

Several resources exist to use Clojurescript directly in the browser for free:


Clojure(Script) is fun, useful and powerful. I hope in planting the seed of programming to empower my nephews for a bright future. I hope that they use their newly acquired knowledge to make a powerful impact in this world.